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The absolute best way to Cure Insomnia!

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These hypnotherapy recordings are Copyright protected. Copying or reproducing this material in any way, is illegal. The hypnotherapy CD’s are for personal use and cannot be re-sold.

Copyright © 2002 Australasian Institute of Health & Healing Pty. Ltd.

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Please remember this CD is NEVER to take the place of professional medical assistance and never use whilst driving or operating machinery of any kind is not to be used with children under the age of 16 and for people with Epilepsy unless approved by your medical practitioner


The Australasian Institute of Health & Healing Pty. Ltd. Is a Registered Company and is a Therapeutic Practice & Training Organisation and provides the perfect training and therapy environment, offering the confidence, knowledge and skills, necessary to provide the highest calibre of therapy practitioners.

Our highly qualified practitioners facilitate coaching programs for personal performance and self-mastery, coaching for life-changes, personal growth, self-empowerment, and professional advancement and creating success.

With practice and regular use these CD's they will bring balance back into your life eliminating past negative attitudes and behaviours and lead you into a more positive and fulfilling life on all levels, mental, physical and spiritual.

These CD’s have been composed and performed by acclaimed internationally recognised Dr Katherine Tassioulas for the Australasian Institute of Health & Healing Pty. Ltd.

The music was composed for Katherine and is the base for all of the CD range offered by the Australasian Institute of Health & Healing Pty. Ltd.

Self-hypnosis CD's

Allow Katherine's calm and soothing voice help you. You can be hypnotised by one of the leading and most experienced hypnotists in Australia in the comfort of your own home.

Use these CD's again and again for effortless yet LASTING change.

At less than half the price of a normal "in person" hypnosis session, these CD's are set to change the field of hypnosis forever. Welcome to the future of hypnosis and personal change.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that you receive powerful and positive benefits from the use of these CD's.

Hypnosis has become recognised as of the smartest methods we can employ to improve our mind and our life. The human mind is an unlimited and highly untapped source of power.

Self-hypnosis is a safe and natural experience a skill that anyone that is interested to self-development can learn, easily.

Please check out our set of hypnotherapy CD's will with verbal instructions by Katherine's soothing voice will help and guide you gently into a hypnotic state easily and safely.

The positive suggestions given to you will help the subconscious mind to respond to the positive inner resources and skills for positive change in any area in which you chose.